In this article I’m gonna show you how to make $50 a day selling on eBay.

In this article we’re gonna be going over how to make $50 a day selling on eBay now the reason why this is gonna be a really cool article is because one anyone can do this because we’re not gonna actually be buying any inventory we’re gonna be selling completely digital products on the platform and I’m gonna be showing you where to get these products and how you’re making literally like a hundred percent profit margin on these products so it’s gonna be really really cool.

the article gonna be short to the point and it’s gonna be really really easy for someone to take this and go and make money with it now if you do enjoy this article please leave a comment it means the absolute world to me, I’m just here to give you some advice to make more money online so if you do enjoy the article leave a comment.

let’s get right into it, what we’re gonna be doing is actually going on eBay and finding these different digital ebooks that we can start selling usually when you go on eBay what you’re thinking of is selling maybe like use phones or you’re flipping baseball cards or or something like that but you can actually sell digital ebooks on the platform and as you can see there are people making a lot of money, I mean 232 sales and more, a lot of these are actually just ebooks like PDF formats, meaning it’s a digital file it’s not actually a book that you’re being sent you know most of these are actually just digital files that people are just sending to you as soon as you buy.

 for example if you bought an ebook XX  what the seller  will do is just send you the file over eBay so then I don’t have to ship anything they don’t have to.

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